aony Power Town Pullup bar Kraftturm,Multifunktions Kraftstation mit klappbar Hantelbank, Klimmzugstation, Liegestützgriffe, Dip-Station, ideal für Home

HIGH QUALITY STEEL: The fitness tower is made of high-strength steel with a load capacity of 300 kg. The main support is widened and the base is stable, which ensures safety and stability during training and makes you less worried during training.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Suitable for various sports, very well suited for pull-ups, abdominal training equipment, back training equipment and triceps training equipment, also suitable for push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups.
HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: The fitness tower can be adjusted in multiple levels, and the height can be adjusted according to your needs, it is suitable for different heights and can meet the demands of daily exercise.
STRENGTH TRAINING: With long-term use of the fitness tower, you can effectively train shoulders, arms, waist, buttocks and legs, do weight loss exercises, increase muscle strength, and maintain a perfect body and healthy body.
SAFE AND STABLE: The fitness tower has widened support feet and 4 adjustable main feet that offer you the best possible security. Before training, please preheat properly and check whether the screws and bolts are tight.

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